FINAL intro!!

After a lot of tweaking this is the final intro to the film.  

The bird flight was made in maya with toon lines. The line looked a lot cleaner than the lines from the mountains and the humans so i added noise to the toon lines to ruff them up a bit.  

Concept art

Light Within Logo designs

This is the logo me and Luisa have decided to go with . below 

more improvements to the intro

Titles improved

Improved on a lot of things from the last blog. but still a timing issue and need to sort out the camera work. 


Introduction progression


This is a render of the intro I've been working on. really happy with the drawing on effect and the images but there are still a few things that need sorting out, such as the doggy camera work. I've been working at Luisa's today and disusing what could be improved in the intro. we've decided it needs to be a lot faster and that it would be nice with some more animation from the bird, I'm working on these things right now and can be achieved quite easily . We also thought it would be nice it the lines would look like they soaked into the paper and spread out after they are drawn. This is an idea we got from the intro from Disney's Mulan which you can see below:

or if that doesn't work at this link:

I've spent most of my day trying out different ways of achieving this look on After Effects but they all ended up looking a bit naff. I'm gonna give it another go in the morning and hopefully it will come to me.

Hear is the intro so far:


progress of the opening titles

I'm working on the opening titles for the film at the moment. hear is a little clip of what i'm working on.